we offer

an extra engine to your
development team

Here at outWest, we know that every detail — no matter how small — is vital to a project’s success. Each phase of pre-production informs the next, which then sets up the production for success.

it’s all about the money


Our budgeting for film, clip or video service make sure you have the best production value for your bucks.  At outWest, we’re here to help you with all the ins and outs of budgeting. We know that your time and money are vitally important. That’s why we work with your priorities to match time, talent, and tools, coming up with the perfect plan. Regardless of the project and budget you have in mind, the important thing is that we want to see your vision come to life the way you imagined.
At the end of the day, we’re all about creating content that everyone is proud to have been a part of.

and maybe also a bit about that next « big idea »

creative development

Every great film, music video, and commercial starts at the same place: with the seed of a good idea. But what’s astounding is wondering what the world would look like without these game-changing creative struggles. We would join you in taking a cool hypothetical and morphing it into an actionable, kick-ass concept. And together we will sharpen those ideas, poke holes in them, reconfigure them when needed, and mold them into the perfect product.

enhance vision and save time on set


Create detailed panels or storyboards-in-motion will help pin-point each scene stakes. Further translating your shot list into a storyboard adds a level of detail that makes your shoot that much more efficient. And when a little extra zing in pre-production visuals is relevant, we will transform pre-drawn or pre-rendered storyboards into animatics. By including a bit of motion—and usually a scratch voice track—the in-edit flow of a scene is easy to see.

the girl in the hidden spot next door


We might all agree that there are some “vibes” we can pick up from certain people and certain location. There is a symbiotic relationship that always exists between actors being casted and the locations that fit them. Neither exists without the other, and when a movie goes down in cinema history, it’s both of them that will be remembered. Having the right cast and location for your production and your narrative will feel life-like. Finding them doesn’t have to be a huge to do, however.

connect the dots with detail and taste

production design

Seamless production design is often the first thing working to pull an audience into a film and keep them there. At your side making a large number of decisions, along with your director, that dictate what the audience sees.  Each carefully chosen item might only be captured in passing. But as they work together to create a single visual landscape, they perform the crucial task of making the film’s world believable. We work alongside directors, producers, cinematographers, and the entire art department to build, as far as the audience is concerned, an entire world.


always with heart and soul