Here at outWest, we know that every detail — no matter how small — is vital to a project’s success. Each phase of pre-production informs the next, which then sets up the production for success. Knowing this, we guarantee the very best in every aspect of pre-production, from casting to scripting, from location scouting to light design. Whether this is the very beginning of your production journey or if you simply need some à la carte assistance with a particular area, we’ve got you covered.


Our belief is that great ideas can come from anywhere, and we don’t let egos get in the way of that. Whether it’s an idea from an intern, a friend, or the delivery driver making his rounds: when a good idea is put out into the world we explore it !
Before the lights, the camera, the action, there is the unsung hero of any great project endeavor: pre-production. Sure, being on set has its own allure; and yeah, post-production is where the story really comes together. But without the thoughtful, meticulous work done in pre-production none of that would even be possible. In short, pre-production is where you build a solid, reliable base that sets your project up for success.


always with heart and soul